Learn to Build a Rock-Solid Business

Peak Producers™

Learn to Build a Rock-Solid Business

Peak Producers™
Peak Producers

Learn to Run Your
Business Like a Pro

$100 OFF through August 31, 2020

Learn to Build a Rock-Solid Business

Peak Producers™

Take Your Business to the Top


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Peak Producers
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Whether you’re a veteran or a brand-new agent, Peak Producers give you the fundamentals to successfully grow your business. Combining the real-world strategies industry expert Brian Buffini and top producer Joe Niego used to build rock-solid businesses, this training program teaches you to generate leads every day, professionally serve every client and optimize your business for maximum profits. By addressing the many hats an entrepreneur wears, you'll receive a step-by-step action plan to run your business by Working by Referral and produce at a consistently high level.

In Peak Producers, You Will Learn To…

Generate more leads
Close more sales
Navigate price reductions
Get every buyer off the fence
Become an excellent negotiator
Get organized once and for all

Become a Peak Producer with these activity-based training sessions

Principles of a Peak Producer

Day 1: What it Means to Be a Peak Producer

Day 2: Building a Dynamic Database

Day 3: Creating Referrals

Day 4: Working with Buyers

Day 5: Working with Sellers

Lead Generation

Week 2: Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Week 3: Doing the Unexpected Extras

Week 4: Breaking Bread with Customers

Week 5: The Attitude of a Peak Producer

Customer Service

Week 6: Professionally Serve Every Listing

Week 7: Manage Your Time and Productivity

Week 8: Getting Buyers off the Fence

Week 9: The Art of Negotiation

Business Optimization

Week 10: Financial Systems for the Self-Employed

Week 11: How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Week 12: How to Stay on Track

In just 12 weeks, agents are averaging…

$98,243 Total Income | 12 Transactions

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Industry expert Brian Buffini and top producer Joe Niego have sold more than 4,000 homes - that's a lot of real estate experience! They’ll give you their insights, practical how-to’s, effective dialogues and motivation to help you kickstart your business this year!

Now Includes Joe Niego's Instant Inventory® $195 Value

In Joe Niego’s Instant Inventory, Joe uncovers the five economic factors that cause an inventory shortage and reveals 10 strategies to help you create your own inventory. In 10 powerful video sessions, Joe provides insight, tips, resources and more to help you generate three additional listings each month! Learn more

Peak Producers Kit

A Student Kit with all the marketing materials and resources you'll need to become a Peak Producer.
Peak Producers Kit
Lead Generation Courses for Real Estate

Online Resource Center

Our robust Online Resource Center, updated regularly with prospecting resources, marketing materials and video modules to help you operate at a peak state.

Referral Maker® CRM

With its cutting-edge Referral Intelligent Technology, it takes the guesswork out of lead generation by giving you daily action steps that will help you achieve your income goals. You'll know who to call, who to see and what to say. You can lead generate on the go with Referral Maker CRM app too! This easy to use contact manager was recently named to Housing Wires Tech 100 list for leading the housing industry's technological revolution.
Training for New Realtors

Real People. Real Results.

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Training Prices

Only $295 (Reg. $395)!*

Training Prices

Extra $100 Off for Buffini & Company Members!*

*Offer valid through August 31, 2020 to first-time students only. $195 pricing for Referral Maker PRO, Group Coaching, and One2One Coaching Members only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Discount applied at checkout.

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Regular: $395 (Plus S/H + Tax)

Buffini & Company Members: $295 (Plus S/H + Tax)

*Excluding Referral Maker® CRM Members
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*If you are taking the course with a Buffini Certified Mentor/Facilitator please register using the link they provide you.

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Regular: $395 (Plus S/H + Tax)

Buffini & Company Members: $195 (Plus S/H + Tax)

*Excluding Referral Maker® CRM Members
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*If you are taking the course with a Buffini Certified Mentor/Facilitator please register using the link they provide you.

Call 1-800-945-3485 x1

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Peak Producers Kit

Marketing Flyers (3-month supply)

Target market your database to:

Notecards (3-month supply)

Make a lasting impression and show your clients that you care.

Training Workbook

Maximize your learning experience with this essential resource.

CD Resource Library

Get additional training - great for the car!

Tracking Journal

Record your activities and capture your thoughts and experiences in this personal resource.

Oh, By The Way®… Stickers (3-month supply)

Attach these stickers to your Item of Value or notecard mailing to remind your clients that you're never too busy for any of their referrals!

Power Hour Sign

Use this "Do Not Disturb" sign to let others know you're working hard to generate leads.

Buffini & Company Members

Buffini & Company Members* receive a $200 discount on the course, and will receive a Member Student Kit. The Buffini & Company Member Student Kits do not include additional Marketing Materials (IOVs), notecards and stickers. Buffini & Company Members are encouraged to use their marketing materials from their monthly Referral Maker PRO kit to complete the action steps in this course.

*Discount available to One2One Coaching, Group Coaching and Referral Maker PRO members only.


Joe Niego's Instant Inventory Kit

Training workbook

To guide you along your training and reinforce your learning experience

Ten powerful video sessions

Packed with real-world, practical solutions to overcome the challenges of today's market

Online resources to get more listings

Complete with ready-to-personalize letters, postcards and dialogues, marketing pieces and other resources to apply to your business


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