Training for Real Estate Agents

Training for Real Estate Agents
Training for Real Estate Agents

Training for Real Estate Agents
Training for Real Estate Agents

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Online Agent Training — At Your Own Pace!

Training for Real Estate Agents

Online Training for Agents

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Training for Real Estate Agents

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Developed by industry legend Brian Buffini, The Pathway to Mastery® is the most comprehensive, in-depth training program ever created for the real estate industry. The Pathway to Mastery® — Essentials, the first course in the program, offers a deep-dive into lead generation, working with buyers and sellers, the seven essentials of negotiation and building a world-class business plan.
Designed for both new and veteran agents, the innovative, activity-based lessons taught during the 8-module course* will increase your sales production and take you and your business to the next level on your pathway to mastery.

In just 8 weeks, agents are averaging…

$50,490 Total Income | 6 Transactions

Reshape Your Business in Just Eight Weeks

Generate Quality Leads & Close More Deals
Build a Referral-Based Database of Clients
Focus Your Energy on the Right Tasks
Become Your Client’s Trusted Advisor
Work Easily with All
Buyer Types
Learn to Sell to a Seller
Master the 7 Essentials of Negotiation
Build a Comprehensive Business Plan

Master Your Business With Eight Productivity Building Modules

Get to the next level with activity-based training sessions designed to transform your business.

Module 1 – The Law of the Harvest

Brian shows you how to leverage the universal principle of reaping what you sow to help you generate a predictable stream of high-quality leads.

Module 2 – The Stacking Effect

Brian shows you how to reap the benefits of the compounding effect. Each year will become easier and easier until you have your business on autopilot.

Module 3 – Working with Today’s Buyers

Unlock the secrets to working with the 5 types of buyers, from Millennials to the downsizing buyer. Learn how to turn the right dials to lock up buyer loyalty.

Module 4 – How to Sell a Seller

The most powerful asset in the real estate business is the 'For Sale' sign in a yard. You’ll learn how to convert a far higher percentage of seller prospects into signs in their yard.

Module 5 – The 7 Essentials of Negotiation

Your ability to negotiate is the most referable skill you have. Master them and your clients will refer you as a great negotiator.

Module 6 – Building Your Business Plan - Goal Setting

After this module, you will have a blueprint for your business success with short, mid and long-range goals for taking your business to the next level.

Module 7 – Building Your Business Plan - Financial Management

Get your financial house in order and learn how to keep more of what you make with both ‘offense and ‘defense strategies.

Module 8 – Building Your Business Plan - Time Management

The average sales agent grosses less than $35K a year and works 50 hours a week. Learn how to triple your income and double your time off.

Master Real Estate Business

How to Take the Essentials Course

Led by a Mentor/Facilitator

Learn and practice with other agents and a group leader to collaborate, motivate and synergize. Buffini Certified Mentor/Facilitators are brokers/owners/managers or ancillary service providers who have completed the certification process to lead the course in their office. Are you or someone in your office interested in leading this course in your office? Learn more about getting Buffini Certified here or find a nearby Mentor/Facilitator.

On Demand

Take the Essentials course online in the convenience of your office or home. When taking an online class, you’ll have the option to either take the course weekly or at your own pace. Join our private Facebook group to connect with other online students and find accountability partners.

Classes begin in January 2019

Your Essentials Course Student Kit

Includes professionally designed marketing materials, notecards and other useful resources that get results. Build a rock solid production-based business, ready to take it to the next level and turn your clients into referrers!
Essentials Kit

Student Online Resource Center

The robust Student Online Resource Center is regularly updated with prospecting resources, best practices, marketing materials and other sales tools to help you gain productivity mastery.

Referral Maker® CRM

Track your productivity generating activities using our award-winning business client management system.
With Referral Maker® CRM's cutting-edge Referral Intelligent Technology, it takes the guesswork out of lead generation by giving you daily action steps that will help you achieve your income goals. You'll know who to call, who to see and what to say. You can lead generate on the go with the Referral Maker® CRM app too! This easy to use contact manager was recently named to HousingWires Tech 100 list for leading the housing industry's technological revolution.
Referral Maker Pro

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Essentials is a Buffini & Company Authorized Program.

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Essentials is a Buffini & Company Authorized Program.

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Essentials is a Buffini & Company Authorized Program.


Only $395!

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*One2One Coaching™, Group Coaching and Referral Maker® Pro Members only.
Essentials is a Buffini & Company Authorized Program.


Only $395!

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Essentials is a Buffini & Company Authorized Program.

Pathway to Mastery™ — Essentials

Student Workbook

Reinforce your skills learned in the Essentials course and reference notes and ideas.

Items of Value

Professionally designed marketing pieces with timely and relevant content that demonstrates your character and competence to your clients.


Build and strengthen relationships by writing personal notes to show your clients and prospects that you care.

Oh, By the Way®… Stickers

Remind your clients you're never too busy for their referrals!

Win the Day Formula

Your own personal card to post as a daily reminder of the specific activities that lead to your success.

Marketing Calendar

Schedule your Win the Day activities including client parties, Pop-Bys and Buffini & Company events!

Buffini & Company Members

Buffini & Company Members* receive a $200 discount on the course, and will receive a Member Student Kit. The Buffini & Company Member Student Kits do not include additional Marketing Materials (IOVs), notecards and stickers. Buffini & Company Members are encouraged to use their marketing materials from their monthly Referral Maker PRO kit to complete the action steps in this course.

*Discount available to One2One Coaching, Group Coaching and Referral Maker PRO members only.

Student Online Resource Center

Watch and Listen

Access and Complete

Record and Track