Buffini & Company Solutions

Referral Maker® PRO

Start building your business by working with people you enjoy! Referral Maker PRO is a marketing system that helps you generate a steady stream of referred leads using a proven formula designed to grow your business by providing value to your clients.

Referral Maker® CRM

An award-winning contact management and lead generation system in one. Referral Maker CRM is the only CRM developed to help you organize and prioritize your contacts so you know whom, when, and how you should contact them. Turn your net income goal into an easy-to-follow daily action plan in under 30 minutes!

Buffini & Company's Blitz

Brian Buffini has designed three productivity-driven sprints that take advantage of the rest/run cycle in order to help you maximize your time, energy and effort throughout the year. These highly focused lead generation plans aim to help you earn an extra $121,000.

Heritage Profile

This powerful communication tool captures your dominant gifts and abilities, and provides your Coach with the information necessary to tailor their coaching specifically to you. Your Heritage Profile will also help you understand your communication style and how to interact with others more effectively.

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